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look, we all have to start somewhere, and there's PLENTY of places to get on stage and start fumbling around. after sitting through countless hours of weed and d*ck jokes (which are FINE, if they are FUNNY), aren't you ready for something different? a limited number of spots, longer sets, in a room of supportive, professional comics who are out there producing shows, creating projects, and networking.
it's like comedy . . . for people who are serious about comedy.

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oct 15, 2017 | 7:30PM

MicShopNYC Thursday


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I was going to start a mic called "Non-Suicidal Mic" but @micshopnyc has already taken care of it. & catchier name.

Liz Barrett @lizcomedy

MicShop NYC is quite literally a treat of a show. Seriously. YOU GET TREATS.

Chris Doucette @chris_doucette

the mixing and mingling at MicShopNYC
makes for a lot of fun and networking.

Chris Williams @thatbritguynyc

Such a great energy to the mic, and the invite-only component makes it a lot more fun for everyone.

May Wilkerson @shutupmay
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